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Emergency Medical Responders: Training Meetings and (CE) hour classes will be listed on our FACEBOOK and our 'NEWS & EVENTS' Calendar. You can also check the OEMS webpage or VAVRS for additional CE training hours. NCRS Member's monthly Training Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month @ 19:00 hours. Each month's category will be posted on our 'News & Events' Calendar and on our Facebook the 'day of' .

Northumberland Rescue Squad is proud to announce that we can now offer certified American Heart CPR classes for both Professional Health Care Providers and the General Public. The Basic Life Support class for Professional Health Care Providers will include Advanced CPR, AED, and 'Life-saving' techniques for choking Victims. The Heart-Saver class will include instruction in CPR, AED, and techniques for saving both Adult and Pediatric choking Victims. After completing the proficiency requirements, Students will receive a two-year CPR certificate.

(We recommend those interested wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to work hands-on practicing the techniques to ensure accuracy).

Class duration: estimated 2-3 hours

 For more information call 804-453-3174 and leave your contact information. Or send us an email at Our Training Officer will reach out to you to schedule class availability dates & times.

2022 Training Officer: Barry Howard

assisted by Members : Jeanette McGuire & A.C. Crockett








NCRS is proud to announce that we have been instrumental in recently training all Northumberland County Sheriff’s Department Officers in American Heart-Saver CPR and AED to help better serve our community.  We are honored to help our Police Officers who are often the first to respond on scene where this knowledge and training can help save lives!(2019) 

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